April 2023 Newsletter

President’s Report

I know this newsletter will be delivered after April 9 so I wish everyone belated Happy Easter and/or Happy Passover. I don’t like being pessimistic BUT members need to step up and help run the Club. I am term limited and there are no candidates. A career politician would love this situation. They don’t have to campaign to be in office. The Club does a lot of good things for the community and member decedents scholarships. It’s very important we have younger members in leadership positions. Please join the Board and help run the Club. The next Board meeting is May 3.

Our April Spring Picnic was very successful event. We had 53 attendees and 5 new members. The food was great and the location was also great.

Other good news new Board member Dave Oman set up and organized a Facebook Group for the club. https://www.facebook.com/groups/916026582934338 Thank You Dave.

Vice-President’s Report

The May Member meeting presentation will be on St. Mary’s Food Bank, its history and mission as well as available volunteer opportunities and services provided.

No meetings in June, July, August, and September

October and November – The schedule for each month is not final at this time however one meeting will feature Matt Greenman, manager of the HTF7000 engine family and another will be Steve Hoza who will present the history of the WWII German POWs in Arizona. There were more than ones who escaped.

The January 2024 meeting will be State of Honeywell Aerospace by Mike Madsen. Future monthly meetings will include the recycling program for City of Mesa, by John Zielonka.