Excerpt from the President’s Column:

COVID-19 is still causing havoc with our Club’s plans. I hope everyone has gotten or will get vaccinated. My wife and I got ours. The Scottsdale Senior Center does not have a reopening date. When the Center does open, we have many interesting speakers/presentations lined up. We
also had to cancel our Holiday Charity Luncheon.

The Club needs two to three volunteers for three roles. We are seeking volunteers for the following roles:


Joan has done a great job including changing banks and managing our account to avoid extra bank charges. Joan’s current Treasurer’s report shows that Scholarship Donations since October totaled $7,070 and our current bank balance is $6,919.24.

Membership Chair

Stu has done an outstanding job of maintaining the Club Roster, preparing
dues notices with dues due, providing email lists and paper mail lists for the newsletter, and notice distribution.

Newsletter Editor

Stu also attended meetings and documented business, presentations and other news for incorporation into the newsletter plus other tasks. One person can do both jobs like Stu has or could be two people.

The good news is that we have 7 new members since 2020. The bad news is we had 31 passing since 2020. If you’re interested in volunteering for a position, please contact us.

Due to the pandemic, this event was cancelled.

This is a reminder that the deadline date for our annual Holiday Charity Luncheon is December 2.  The date for the Luncheon is December 9. Location is the Scottsdale Plaza Resort located at the Northwest corner of Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend.  It’s diagonally opposite from the Railroad Park.  For all you Beef lovers Dianne insisted that the Plaza offer Braised Short Rib as one of the entrees.  Masks are required when entering the Plaza.  The room opens at 1000AM, bar at 1100AM.  Read the flyer and sign up.  It is time to safely get together for a great event and enjoy a great meal with Club members.

Your Club needs volunteers for Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Newsletter Editor.  Let’s hope Santa Claus will deliver.

Your Club President