Honeywell-Garrett Retirees Club - Personal Stories

As we move forward, let's not forget where we've been. Our club is excited to start archiving the personal histories of our members during their time with the company. Share your stories, milestones, and memories, so we can build a collection that reflects the diverse and impactful journeys that make our history special.

Club Member Ed Gammill's (March 14, 1922  -  December 17, 2014) stories

Ed Gammill created a series of about his experiences at Garrett, documenting his start with the "Grunts" on the APU Project Gang to working on the Lavi project in Tel Aviv.

  1. Introduction
  2. Lab Technician
  3. GTCP85-4 Project
  4. The Model 105
  5. Air Turbine Motors and Drives
  6. Project 22
  7. F-15 Project
  8. GTCP331 Project
  9. LAVI Project
  10. Epilogue
An illustration of Snoopy sitting in the pilot seat of a battered F-15.
Ed Gamill's Illustration for the F-15 Project
The IAL Lavi

"It's Not About The War" by Retiree Richard Ingelido

The Vietnam assignment Richard Ingelido undertook would change his life and family relationship in more ways than he was able to recognize at the time. He believed he was doing his country a service and securing his financial future. While life was full of uncertainties before his Vietnam experience, it became more emotionally charged and challenging as time went on. The years of 1968 and 1969 created a shock wave of change and an eruption of human emotions for Richard Ingelido, his family and the world. 

Author Richard Ingelido is now retired from Honeywell Corp. after more than 25 years of service as a Field Engineering Specialist and 45 years in aviation. He held positions at Avco Lycoming, Sikorsky and Airwork, just to name a few. After retirement he decided to write his memoirs as a part of his legacy for his descendants. He wanted the story to be told first hand with emotion and record the events as he personally experienced them. This book is not just about the war, aircraft or history, but it reveals some of the best and worst things that life can offer.

Book by Retiree Richard Ingelideo

"It's Not About The War" Book Cover
"It's Not About The War" Book Cover