December 2022 Newsletter

Our Dec 7 Holiday Charity Luncheon was held at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

Diane Bennett, our event director, did her usual outstanding job. The lunch entrees including salad and desert were excellent. Room decorations, prizes, centerpieces were all done by Diane. 31 Club members enjoyed the Luncheon.

In addition to the room and meal, Diane also does our traditional donations to two local families each with three children. Diane gets our families from Vista Del Camino, a Scottsdale City authorized agency. They supply the families after vetting them and we ask for two families with three children each. We never know the families name, only the children’s first names. They never know our name either. We and they are identified only by our assigned numbers.

The children give us their “Wish Lists” and we try to fill as much as we can with our allotted monies, $100 per child. Normally, we get by with less than the allotted amount and then we then add a gift certificate for the family to buy food for their Christmas dinner. The family also gives us the child’s clothes needs and sizes allowing us to purchase clothes for them.

The monies ($600) for this comes for our dues.

Again great job Diane for all you do for our December Holiday Charity Luncheon.

Garrett Employee $5000 Funeral Benefit

The Garrett Corp provided a sum of money to cover funeral expenses of Garrett employees upon their death. The benefit is still available.

  • The amount of money is $5000
  • The benefit is recognized within the Honeywell system as a “death benefit”. When contacting Honeywell that term should be used, along with mention of the sum of $5000.
  • To request the benefit, call 1-877-258-3699. This is the number contained in the November 21, 2022 letter and recent postcard sent to participants.
  • Press a phone key for option 5 to start the process.

Now Accepting Scholarship Applications!

The 2022-2023 club scholarship application is open, applications are now accepted via our website. All donations go to descendants of our members, and are tax deductible. Good luck to our 2023 applicants!