January 2023 Newsletter

Happy new year, club members!

A handful of important announcements for you:

  • Scholarship applications submitted on our website and the deadline is April 1, 2023
  • Our February meeting topic is “What is Dementia Anyway”.
  • The newsletter has a questionnaire for the upcoming April Spring picnic. Please respond to help plan our spring event!

Our First 2023 meeting was on Jan 4 at Scottsdale Granite Reef Senior Center

Our guest speaker was Gary Snyder, AARP. Topic was Fraud and Identity Theft. Gary reviewed common scams, tactics used by Con Artists and prevention strategies. He listed two AARP guidance sources you can trust, and are free of judgment.

AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline: 877-908-3360

Toll-free service available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET

Gary usually has handout pamphlets but AARP is updating them. He will mail them to us when they become available and we will have them at future meetings. There were 18 attendees.

Important Membership DUES announcement

Several months ago, the Board decided to terminate memberships for those dues who are 2 or more years delinquent. If your dues letter showed that you owe $35 or more, you are in this category. This is the last notice. After February 15 if you are still $35 delinquent you will no longer be a member of the CLUB. Please become current and enjoy the Club including the scholarship benefit for your descendants.

Currently there are approximate 100 members owing $35 or more.