June 2023 Newsletter

President’s Report

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Although we have no meetings for the next few months your Board is busy.

The Scholarship Director, Chuck Jonkosky, is busy in determining the award allocations. All applicants have 3.0 GPA or higher. Students with STEM courses get more money than the non-STEM students. This year we created three grade performance categories. Thanks to the generous donations of our members, our students will receive more money than prior years.

Board member, Chuck Jonkosky, has also created a Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey is an app that
allows us to send a questionnaire on what you like about the Club and what needs improvements. After you get the newsletter, you will receive another Cliff Garrett email with a link to the Survey Monkey. Click on the button and you will be in the survey. The results will go to Chuck Jonkosky. The results will be shared with all members. Those without email will not receive a survey. You will see the results in a future newsletter.

In September we will be paper mailing the annual Dues Notice letter. Dues will remain at $15. The notice will indicate if you have any delinquent dues, has a box to donate to our Scholarship Fund, and a place to update your contact information.

Cathy Bennett, Event Director, together with her mother Diane Bennett are planning an AZ Wineries tasting trip in late October.

Our next meeting is October 4, 2023. Enjoy the summer, stay healthy and see you in October!