October 2022 Newsletter

Happy fall, club members! Please find our October announcements below:

Club members –Our first meeting was Oct 5

Guest speaker was Mike Madsen, President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace. His presentation was upbeat and very positive for the future of Honeywell Aerospace. Below are some of his comments.

The trend for APUs and other aircraft accessories is from bleed air systems to electric systems. No bleed port on the APU but a megawatt 800-volt generator on the APU. All electric increases efficiency, 800 volts reduces the size of the wire connecting the accessories.

Mike was asked how he viewed the company now as opposed to when he first began as a performance engineer at Allied Signal in the 80’s. He described how the company was operating then, when many employees from Garrett and Allied Signal knew a majority of people from other departments within the company that had 5,000 people at times. Things functioned much differently then, as we all know remember well.

Today, the work environment is so much different. There are many smart people coming together throughout the world. He was just recently in India, and it was quite clear how global everything has become there and now mostly everywhere in the aerospace industry. Employees are communicating and functioning in various capacities throughout the world.

After some financial charts, Mike commented the No. 1 money maker is the Turbofan 731 engine. We are still making them (Huge amount of applause from the audience).

Big thanks to Scholarship donors

Since we obtained IRS 501(c)(3) status, scholarship donations have increased. All dues and donations are tax deductible. In future newsletters we will list donors, names only. Also, we will follow IRS rules about who receives written receipts. Donations of $250 or more are the only ones which require a written receipt. Our Treasurer is grateful since he is he receipt writer and mailer.

Upcoming Meetings

November 2 meeting will feature Stephanie Bevins. She is an attorney with more than 25 years of elder law, special needs and estate planning experience. She will speak about issues concerning people in our age group. The meeting will be held in room 8.

December 7 Our first social event will be our traditional Holiday Charity Luncheon. Event. Director Dianne Bennett is putting together a special luncheon like she has in all past years. The Holiday Charity Luncheon we enjoyed at last year’s function at the Plaza Resort Hotel will be repeating again this year. Prepare yourselves for a wonderful meal.  Tickets will be on sale by the first of November for December 7th 2022.  See you there!