September 2022 Newsletter

Club Members, we hope you are all staying cool and enjoying the summer!

A few important annoucements:

Upcoming Meeting on October 5.

Guest speaker is Mike Madsen, President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace. He will be presenting the state of Honeywell Aerospace. The meeting will be held in Scottsdale Granite Reef Senior Center room 8 starting at 1:00 p.m.

Family Day at Honeywell Engines on November 5.

All Club members are invited to attend. Those who would like to be volunteers on Engine history and Club info will get a t-shirt. Club volunteers would be in the Cliff Garrett conference room to explain company history. The Cub would have a table to promote the Club to those who may be retiring in the near future. Members please volunteer. We have close to 500 members and if we all volunteer Honeywell Engines would have to provide a lot of t-shirts. Mark Steele has the lead on this event. If you plan on attending or being a volunteer, you please let Mark know by Oct 14.

Club Dues on November 15

We now have a due date, Nov 15 and a late fee of $5 to encourage prompt payments. Our Treasurer has to manage bank deposits to avoid excess bank deposit fees.

Year 2019 and earlier dues were $15 each year, 2020 and 2021 were $5 each year since we were not having live meetings, 2022 and forward we are back to $15 per year since we having live meetings and the Scottsdale Senior Center is charging us rent for the room and audio video equipment.

Our members are consistently generous. This season one member donated $1265.00. This is the largest single donation ever in the history of the Club. We hope to receive a $500 and a $250 from 2 other members. This year all donations go to our Club member descendants.