May 2021 Newsletter

Excerpt from the President’s Column:

COVID-19 is still causing havoc with our Club’s plans. I hope everyone has gotten or will get
vaccinated. My wife and I got ours.

The Scottsdale Senior Center does not have a reopening date. Therefore we will not have a
meeting in September and probably not for the balance of the year. That’s the bad news. When
the Senior Center does reopen, we have many interesting speakers/presentations lined up.

The good news is that our Events Manager Diane Bennett is planning two events for this year.
The first is an October Fest on October 6 at the Kiwanis Park Fiesta Ramada in Tempe. The Club
will be providing all the food: brats, sauerkraut, homemade German potato salad, and more. We
have a beer permit. There will be an accordion player for our entertainment. Additional information will be provided with time, directions, and how to sign up.

In addition, Diane also started planning our December Holiday Charity Luncheon. The tentative plan
is to do the one we put together last year but had to cancel. It will be held at the Scottsdale Plaza
Resort at the northwest corner of Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road.

The Club has done more updates to our website We have added a
Contact Us and a New Member Application. It appears that we got two new members from the
website. That’s great.